Thank you for visiting my blog page. My name is Cheryl. I’m sixty five years old and my symptoms of OCD began at age thirteen. However, I was not correctly diagnosed with OCD until I was forty-three years old. My journey from onset of symptoms to an accurate diagnosis was fraught with frustration, fear, and overwhelming shame and embarrassment. I often asked myself, “Why me? Why can no one tell me what is wrong with me?” I’ve come full circle and now have answers to many of my questions. I will never know exactly why OCD became my unwanted companion, but I do know that I now can look back on the really difficult years and see where my steps have led me to joy and fulfillment. I feel there are many out there who have experienced similar journeys. I want to share my story and hear about your story. Together, sharing the paths we have traveled, we can find common strengths and insights for each other. I have included the story of my journey as the first post to the blog.